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Trip Benefits

We know you could use a holiday!

It’s time to get on board with Kennedy Seminars.

Life is busy. Your practice is non-stop. You work hard and you’ve earned the right to enjoy a vacation with your spouse or partner, your family or a getaway of your very own. Kennedy Seminars offers you intriguing and thought-provoking educational sessions available – delivered by experts in a wide variety of fields – all within a dream like setting that will make your everyday concerns evaporate. Asia, the French Riviera, the Mediterranean, River cruises, Luxury ocean liners, Africa, or exploring the far reaches of the world, are just samples of the breathtaking destinations Kennedy offers its clients, many of whom return year after year to take in yet another stellar educational and holiday experience.

Whether you dream of the tranquility & indulgence of an oceanside resort, the decadence and majesty of a luxe cruise, OR THE EXCITEMENT OF EXPLORING NEW PARTS OF OUR WORLD, Kennedy Seminars offers you the escape you’re looking for.

We know a happy partner
means a happy home!

Business trips are enjoyed by all when you
book with Kennedy.

It’s a fact – nine out of ten partners love vacations. Ok, our math may not be exactly scientific but just think how happy everyone will be at home when you tell them your next business trip is to a tropical resort or on a luxury cruise – and they are coming!

Through discounted prices and an accommodating education schedule on each and every trip, Kennedy Seminars Vacations are designed as a one-of-a-kind experience for both you and your special someone. We know what you know – that your success was built with the support of some very special people and they deserve to be rewarded for all they do. At Kennedy, our trips are more than an opportunity to learn great new practice techniques, they’re an opportunity to learn just how important family really is.

Business trips are enjoyed by all when you book with Kennedy.

We know you need credit hours!

Continuing education is a joy with Kennedy Seminars.

Each year is busier than the last, so the thought of giving up your valuable time for the same old lectures in the same old venue couldn’t be less appealing. But what if you could learn the absolute latest techniques and procedures from true industry pioneers, all delivered within the most breathtaking destinations on earth? That’s Kennedy Seminars.

For years we’ve been able to combine the continuing education credit hours you need with the pleasure of a much needed break from the everyday. Let us take care of everything – your sessions, your travel, your experience of a lifetime that comes with every Kennedy experience. We all need to stay on top of the latest information to deliver the very best care for our patients. Kennedy delivers that information to you and gives you a chance to take care of yourself at the same time.

Continuing education is a joy with Kennedy Seminars.

We know deductions
make you smile

Your Kennedy benefits go well beyond education.

It’s something we hear from our clients time and time again – why doesn’t everyone do this? Just like you have the right to tax benefits for educational courses taken in your own backyard, Kennedy customers also enjoy financial returns, only their education comes in a slightly more exotic setting. Tax laws, of course vary depending on where you reside but who could possibly resist combining the vacation you long for with the educational credits you need and then being able to hand the receipt to your accountant. It’s not often in life we experience that type of win-win-win scenario. Our clients know the value Kennedy brings to the table and every time we’re given the opportunity to introduce someone to the Kennedy experience, the only question they have besides asking why every dentist doesn’t travel with us is – where are we going next?

We know deductions make you smile