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material will be presented in lecture format

Dr. Jafine

Whats Hot, Whats Not & Whats New in Endodontics!
We are inundated with new materials & techniques on a daily basis. How do we decide what really works?
What’s new in areas of: Diagnosis, Anesthesia, Instrumentation, Irrigation, Obturation, Single vs Multiple Visits, Biophosphonase. Decide what new techniques & materials to incorporate in your armamentarium.

Learning Objectives:
-Learn what new techniques & materials will improve  ability to provide  highest quality care.
-Determine if  new materials & techniques are superior to what we already do.

Endodontics from The Crown Down: Back To the Future!
Cracked & Fractured Teeth
Cracked teeth present with a myriad of challenges, from diagnosis to treatment. This lecture aims to demystify frustrating but common scenarios while considering each component of treatment & cracked tooth restoration.

Learning Objectives:
-Learn how to determine extent of  longitudinal fracture & how to proceed with treatment
-Discover when coronal restoration is required
-Assess when cracked tooth requires endodontic treatment or extraction

Regenerative Endodontics
Managing immature teeth with pulpal necrosis presents unique set of issues, particularly since implants are contraindicated for young patients whose craniofacial skeletons are still growing. These teeth present with wide open apicies & minimal root formation. By explaining how to use tissue engineering & regenerative medicine to regenerate functional pulpal tissues, this lecture illustrates how Regenerative Endodontics offers alternatives in attempting to treat such cases.

Learning Objectives:
-Gain  deeper understanding of Regenerative Endodontics & how it works, including tissue engineering & biological basis for this type of treatment
-Learn when & where to use Regenerative Endodontics as well as viable alternative treatments
-Understand clinical protocol for Regenerative Endodontics & other alternative treatments

Root Canal Treatment & a Crown, Extraction & an Implant……What Should I Do?
The preservation of natural dentition is denstistry’s primary goal, & whenever possible, dentists try to find ways to save teeth from extraction. Due to recent technological advances, dentistry has seen an increased number of compromised teeth being extracted & replaced with implants. While a remarkable advancement for dentistry, in general, implants are not always the right option. This lecture demonstrates how to evaluate  restorability of compromised teeth & how to use retention therapies, should extraction be deemed unnecessary.

Learning Objectives:
-Learn evaluation techniques to determine if  tooth is  candidate for endodontic treatment or retreatment
-Understand scientific evidence in determining treatment decisions
-Discuss real life cases

Use & Abuse of Antibiotics in Dentistry
Over prescribing antibiotics is a growing concern. Antibiotic misuse is harmful to patient & society as a whole. We must recognize the different outcome consequences which arise from  use of antibiotics & address these concerns. Antibiotic resistance is rapidly increasing to commonly used antibiotics used around the world. There are no new antibiotics available. Myths regarding use of systemic antibiotics & alternative treatments, will be discussed. The problem is not antibiotics but how antibiotics are used & abused.

Learning Objectives:
Learn when to prescribe antibiotics
Learn what alternative treatments exist
Review need for prophylactic antibiotic coverage (new treatment protocols)

Dr. Lever

Management of Patients with Orthopaedic Implants Undergoing Dental Procedures – Review of Evidence Based Criteria for use of Antibiotic Prophylaxis

Learning Objectives:
Understand the clinical and financial impact of Orthopaedic implant infections
Apply evidence-based criteria toward decisions for antibiotic prophylaxis in Orthopaedic/Dental patients
Review of treatment protocols


12 hours CE
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