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Host: Dr. & Mrs. Jack Lipkin


1. Mediterranean Cruise:
Speaker: Dr. Hagen Klieb
Topic: Oral Pathology: What’s New and What’s Worth Remembering

Course Topics:
*Oral precancerous and cancerous lesions
*HPV-related lesions
*Oral autoimmune disorders
*Medication-related osteonecrosis
*Oral soft-tissue biopsy

Learning Objectives:
To review advances in field of oral medicine/oral pathology with practical implications for dentist.
To better recognize oral lesions & understand etiology & management.
To formulate a differential diagnosis.
To develop an understanding of technique & theory of oral soft-tissue biopsy.

This course will review a number of topics in field of oral medicine/oral pathology with emphasis on 1. What is new 2. What is important for dentists to remember with the expectation that this will modify daily practice.  There will be emphasis on conditions commonly encountered in dental practice focusing on diagnosis & management.  Concepts in diagnosis will also be discussed, with special attention to adjuvant screening tools & oral soft-tissue biopsy.

material will be presented in lecture format


2. Sicily Tour
Speaker: Dr. Jack Lipkin
Title: Treatment Planning: The Crystal Ball of ProsthodonticsCOURSE

OVERVIEW: Without a doubt, the most important aspect of a restorative or prosthodontic treatment regimen is the planning stage.   While many practitioners generally attempt to do this, in the best way possible,  the general feeling still exists that it is something to get through quickly so one can start the treatment as soon as possible.   This course will discuss many  of the variables that can and should be decided well in advance of actually placing the implant or preparing the tooth.

There are seven guidelines to implant placement that form the core of prosthodontic implant treatment planning.  These guidelines will help decide when endodontically treated  teeth should be retained, retreated or removed.  Most often, one can determine  in advance when a tooth should have an endodontic procedure or should be removed and an implant placed.   The final occlusal scheme of your implant case can be determined 90% of the time in advance.  A decision as to what restorative material should be used ( Zirconia? Porcelain Fused to Metal?) can also be determined most often, in the treatment planning stage.   Consulting with your implant surgeon, in the treatment planning stage, will lay the foundation of almost exactly what you can expect to get once the implant is ready to restore. No surprises.

TREATMENT OBJECTIVES:  You will learn in this fast paced six hour power point presentation:
* The seven guidelines of prosthodontic implant treatment.
* Decision making;   endodontics or extract and place an implant?   What does the literature say?
* Occlusion in implant dentistry;  does it matter?   A literature review will focus on what we know and what we don’t know.
* What information do you need to get from your implant surgeon, and what does she/he need from you?
* The challenging anterior cosmetic implant case and the red flags that you should make note of right at the initial exam.
* Implant failures;  ‘The long and winding road’ !

material will be presented in lecture format



12 hours CE
Dentists$ 925CA


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