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Early Orthodontics: What, How, When To Treat
This course will cover how to develop an orthodontic diagnosis. Methods of treating those malocclusions which must be treated early will be described. Emphasis will be placed on treatment techniques that are supported by good evidence.
Objective: Following this session, the attendee should be able to:
1. Use a Planes of space orthodontic diagnostic format
2. Recognize the difference between malocclusions that are hard to treat versus those easy to treat
3. Differentiate between skeletal and non-skeletal anterior crossbites
4. Describe how to treat skeletal and non-skeletal anterior crossbites
5. Describe how to treat posterior crossbites
6. Describe how to manage open bites caused by habits
7. List different strategies for managing crowding
8. Explain the rationale for early versus late Class 2 Treatment

Missing Teeth: Should We Open or Close the Space?
This session will review strategies for managing patients with missing lateral incisors and second premolars.
Objective: Following this session, the attendee should be able to:
1. Identify eruption problems associated with congenitally missing teeth
2. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of space opening and space closure
3. List the necessary steps involved with inter-discipline treatment planning for space opening and restorative care

Recent Advances in Orthodontics:
This session will cover the following recent advances in orthodontics such as; Temporary Anchorage Devices, Self-Ligating Brackets, Extractions and the Face, Assessing Orthodontic Case Difficulty, and Assessing Orthodontic Result Quality. There will be a workshop component on Assessing Orthodontic Case Difficulty.
Objective: Following this session, the attendee should be able to:
1. Describe the uses of temporary anchorage devices in orthodontics
2. List the advantages and disadvantages of self-ligating brackets in orthodontics
3. Explain the impact of extraction and non extraction treatment on the face
4. Utilise a system for assessing orthodontic case difficulty
5. Describe criteria that can be used to assess orthodontic treatment quality

12 hours CE
Dentists$ 845CA

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