Recommend A Friend And Get Half Your Tuition Back! Learn More

recommend a friend and get half your tuition back! learn

We know deductions make you smile


It’s something we hear from our clients time and time again – why doesn’t everyone do this? Just like you have the right to tax benefits for educational courses taken in your own backyard, Kennedy customers also enjoy financial returns, only their education comes in a slightly more exotic setting. Tax laws of course vary depending on where you reside but who could possibly resist combining the vacation you long for with the educational credits you need and then being able to hand the receipt to your accountant. It’s not often in life we experience that type of win-win-win scenario. Our clients know the value Kennedy brings to the table and every time we’re given the opportunity to introduce someone to the Kennedy experience, the only question they have besides asking why every dentist doesn’t travel with us is – where are we going next?