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The Evolving Impact of All-Ceramics and CAD/CAM Technology on the Contemporary Dental Practice- From Concepts to Clinical Success

Due to patients’ demands, there is an increased trend to restore patients’ dentition with all- ceramic restorations. However, not all all-ceramic materials are alike, and it is important to acquire knowledge and understanding of their properties in order to correctly select and manage them successfully.

This course will provide evidence-based knowledge, addressing ceramic materials’ properties (mainly lithium-disilicate and zirconia) in terms of esthetics and strength. Also discussed will be concepts of restoration design (bilayered, monolithic, and hybrid) for all- ceramic restorations and how appropriate design may alleviate prospective complications in practice. This course will highlight how the advent of CAD/CAM technology supports the laboratory fabrication of some restorations with emphasis on zirconia-based restorations.

Preparation design, insertion aspects (adhesive/traditional cementation procedures), advantages and limitations, and treatment planning considerations for complete-coverage all-ceramic restorations will also be discussed. In addition, the program will focus on unique properties of zirconia and its use for custom implant abutments and screw-retained implant-supported restorations.

Learning Objectives:
· To gain understanding and knowledge of different all-ceramic materials
· To gain understanding of design and fabrication techniques available and how the advent of CAD/CAM technology supports the fabrication of these restorations.
· To aquire knowledge and ability to treatment plan patients for all-ceramic restorations while discussing advantages and limitations.
· To refine preparation techniques and insertion procedures which optimize successful clinical outcomes. 
· To understand how to attain more predictable esthetic results with high-strength complete-coverage all-ceramic restorations.

12 hours CE
Dentists$ 845CA

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