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Course summary:    Clinical Prosthodontics is at the core of most Dental treatments.   It is the foundation upon which Dentistry provides many of its oral health services, especially in general practice.  In the busy, day to day operations of a GP practice, it can be extremely difficult to “slow down” and acquire the information needed to do a complete dental examination.   That being said, the complete dental examination and diagnosis is at the heart of our procedures, techniques and processes.   This six hour, live, power point presentation will explore many of the fundamentals needed to diagnose, treatment plan, treatment sequence and perform the procedures for a select group of common dental implant treatments.  Prosthodontic guidelines outlining the six core principles will form the basis of the lecture.  Immediate implants; screw retained vs. cement retained  (it is not a simple decision just based on one’s philosophy); treatment planning the edentulous arch; the Endodontically treated tooth – treat? Implant?;  the power and effectiveness  of an implant assisted Removable Partial Denture; Occlusal considerations.

Course objectives:     The primary objective of this CE course is to enhance the diagnostic capabilities of the general dentist, when diagnosing,  treatment planning, and treatment sequencing a dental implant treatment.   By highlighting the core foundational guidelines, and building from there, the attendee will be able to formalize, and organize their thinking process when gathering diagnostic data; examining the patient; and presenting treatment plans and options, to the prospective patient.

Benefits of attending:   The attending dentist, or related specialist, will be able to return to their practice and very quickly, formulate an organized plan to gather diagnostic data; examine; and treatment plan the dental implant patient.  Organizing and utilizing staff at key times during this process will make this very streamlined, and will add interesting job responsibilities for  your key staff members.   Preparing a treatment plan and options;  going through the co-diagnosis with your patient, will enhance the consultation appointment, and will result in higher case acceptances of more complex and rewarding treatments.   Select treatment procedures will be reviewed, adding to the attendee’s knowledge base of complex implant treatments.


Early childhood caries (ECC) is the number one chronic infectious disease in children aged five and younger in North America. The US National Center for Health Statistics reports that ECC afflicts 28% of North American children between ages two and five years. Approximately 1.2 million (23%) of these children never receive treatment. The disease is epidemic among many minority, immigrant, rural, and remote populations. Numerous studies point to the relationship between ECC and iron deficiency, iron deficiency anemia, protein deficiencies (albumin), vitamin D deficiency, and increased salivary cortisol levels. Children with ECC experience debilitating pain that impedes sleep, good nutrition, and overall development—in some cases, for years. When treatment is delayed or denied, children with ECC endure toxic stress, which dramatically alters brain development and has been linked to poor impulse control, mood control problems, learning disabilities, and impaired memory. Western healthcare has evolved to assign the treatment of teeth to dentists and the treatment of the rest of the body to physicians. Like a cavity between molars, ECC has thrived in this disciplinary divide. Dr. Smith will discuss strategies for prevention, and how greater awareness of ECC—particularly among new parents—will help close this gap and relieve the suffering of millions of children around the world.

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