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Topic: Problem Solvers for Restorative Dentistry
material will be presented in lecture format
Session I

Everyday restorative dentistry can present us with challenges for ordinary clinical problems.  The range of adhesives today and composites can be confusing.  What are the clinical indications and techniques for success with these newer materials?   Light curing, so easy a caveman can do it!  Probably not.  Understanding light curing will lead to longer lasting restorations and better clinical success.    You will learn techniques for posterior composites how to achieve  better proximal contacts, eliminate postoperative sensitivity after posterior composite placement and longer lasting posterior composites that are within your reach.  Glass ionomers still have a place in our restorative practices.  When do you use a glass ionomer cement and when a composite?   So many choices for crowns and cements.   The rationale for cement selection for the different ceramics and ceramometal restorations will be presented.   This course will present an overview of “Smart Bonding”  the selection of materials and techniques to solve a wide variety of clinical circumstances.

  • Describe and understand the clinical indications for the different bonding systems and composites
  • Describe the keys to clinically successful light curing
  • Describe indications and techniques for the different glass ionomer restoratives
  • Describe different techniques and devices for creating an anatomic proximal contact with Class 2 composite resins
  • Describe techniques to minimize and eliminate post operative sensitivity with posterior composites
  • Describe how to select different types of cements for different materials used for crown and bridge

Session II   

Shift happens!   The economic times has created an increasing number of patients that while desiring the best treatment of clinical situation, they cannot afford the treatment at this time.   Adhesive restorative dentistry and light curing are allowing us to place better and longer lasting treatment for compromised situations that we can depend on.   Nothing lasts forever! Teeth and porcelain can fracture due to trauma.  Techniques for the management of fractured teeth and porcelain from existing crowns and bridges can be done very predictably.   Vital pulp therapy is a critical aspect of all restorative treatment.   There are times when vital pulp therapy includes those clinical situations where the pulp is at risk due to trauma, caries, or the placement and replacement of restorations over the restorative cycle of the life of a restoration.  Although controversial, with the introduction of newer materials, the treatment of asymptomatic, carious, vital teeth with pulp capping  vital pulp therapy for mechanical and carious exposures can have high levels of success.  Even with initial success the patient should also understand that the tooth is still at risk for need for endodontic treatment at a later time.  This program will present an overview of the evidence on the latest generation of Portland cement materials used for vital pulp therapy and decision-making and clinical techniques for the use of these materials.  Fiber reinforced composites provide alternative treatments for missing teeth, tooth reinforcement and periodontal splinting.  Clinical techniques using fiber reinforced composites will be presented.   Also, you may be noticing that your older patients are wearing out their teeth.  Simplified decision making for when to and how to restore the early signs of attrition will be presented.

  • Describe some of the latest materials for successful vital pulp therapy
  • Describe the indications and techniques for predictable crown and bridge repair
  • Describe techniques for successful restoration of fractured anterior teeth
  • Describe the indications and techniques for predictable fiber reinforcement
  • Describe indications and techniques for management of the worn anterior dentition

Session 111   Art of Smile Design with whitening and porcelain veneers

Who doesn’t want a pretty smile?     With the increased selection of treatment modalities available in esthetic restorative dentistry, case selection and treatment planning are very important for optimizing patient treatment.   Tooth whitening has changed the way we practice esthetic dentistry.  A review of the current treatment modalities with tooth whitening will be reviewed to include professionally dispensed at-home and in-office systems, as well as over-the counter products.  Also, there is an epidemic in esthetics with our younger patients with fluorosis.   There are minimally invasive techniques to treat this smile buster.    For the more complex esthetic cases, there is a need for restorative interventions.    Over this past decade our patients have been reading articles and have seen advertisements for minimally invasive porcelain veneers in magazines.  They are asking us for these restorations.  Do they work and where would you use them?   This presentation will provide an overview of the techniques for porcelain veneers.  There should never be a one size fits all for any patient treatment.  Indications for  minimally invasive porcelain veneers and conventional veneers will be presented.   Also, the techniques and over 30 years of research that support the use of minimally invasive and conventional porcelain veneers will be presented.

  • Review esthetic evaluation and smile design
  • Review the current tooth whitening techniques
  • Differentiate the types of porcelain veneers- minimally invasive veneers and conventional preparation veneers
  • Describe the techniques for the placement of porcelain veneers
  • Describe the causes for failures and how to avoid them
  • List and describe the materials available for masking discolored teeth with porcelain veneers and the concepts of the opaquing zone

Target audience:     Dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants

12 hours CE
Dentists$ 875CA


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